Why Every Property Manager Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

Every property manager wants to attract quality tenants who can afford higher rent and take good care of their property. They want those tenants to stay in their building for a long time; in other words, they want high tenant-retention rates in their properties. The third thing property managers want is to achieve these two results and still keep the operating costs for their rentals low. Simply put, property managers want to get good results and make a lot of money without investing a lot of time, money and effort. What should a property manager do to get these results? As Foothills management experts say the obvious answer is to improve service quality; better service equals happy tenants, and happy tenants equals more money. The second obvious step is to improve the firm’s ability to attract the kind of renters it wants by improving its marketing and tenant-screening processes. But as a property manager already doing these steps, what more can you do? Sometimes, your best results come from the small things. In your quest to improve the business’ performance, it is easy to focus on big steps and overlook the importance of small actions. An example of a small step that is easy to undervalue is the cleanliness of your rental properties. Several property managers do not view the cleanliness of their rentals as an effective tool for promoting that rental property. But this oversight is a huge mistake. Why cleaning matters The reason is simple. People are suspicious of businesses’ marketing messages. They know you will put up a nice façade, or even a front, to get them to trust you. As a result, prospective tenants and even existing tenants often base their judgment on small things you don’t rate. The moment a visitor steps onto your property, they are assessing your competence by the cleanliness of the building. They use your handling of small things as an indication of how you handle big things. For instance, the cleanliness of hand railings is not just about hand railings. Tenants also check if the quality of cleaning in the rental is reflective of what they would want their guests to see. Quality tenants willing to pay higher rents also have higher expectations for the level of service they expect in a rental property. That is why the personnel you hire to clean your rental property matters. Buildings that are cleaned by a professional cleaning company are usually more attractive to high-paying tenants. Hiring a professional cleaning company will also enhance your reputation as a property manager. What are the tangible benefits of hiring professional property managers for your rentals? 6 reasons to hire a professional cleaning company 1.     Top-tier cleaning that shows Professional cleaning services deliver the cleaning you only see on display in 5-star hotels and similar locations. That kind of cleaning makes it possible for you to use a rental’s cleanliness as one of the selling points to market your property. 2.     Consistency in the quality of cleaning When working with a professional cleaning company, one thing you can expect is consistency. Because the cleaners are methodical in the way they clean the building. They can deliver the same results time and again. You also don’t have to deal with worker absences. 3.     Improved air quality Professional cleaners help to improve the overall air quality of your properties and the physical health of your tenants. Air pollutant levels in properties that are professionally cleaned are significantly lower. That is good for new and old tenants who have a history of respiratory illnesses and allergies. 4.     Less wear and tear on your property The cleaning methods used by amateur cleaners often accelerate the rate of wear and tear in your rental. Professional cleaners know how to adapt their cleaning methods to suit the type of surface they are cleaning. They help your furniture, carpets, décor and flooring last longer. 1.     Helps you save a lot of money One of the ways a professional cleaning company helps you make and save money is by improving tenant-retention rates in your rental. They also help you make more money by making it easier to attract quality tenants. Lastly, they can help to cut the turnaround time for recently vacated units. 2.     Focus on your core competencies A professional cleaning company gives you the freedom to focus on the things that matter most to the growth of your business. Instead of wasting time supervising amateur cleaners, you can spend that time improving your business systems and growing your network. Finally, a professional cleaning company makes it possible to meet the expectations of the owners of your properties while also letting you grow your profile as a competent property manager. What’s more, all of these can be obtained at minimal financial and time cost.

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